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I need a trash can!

January 16, 2013


As I came into my office this morning, I had once again a thought for our University’s administration often misguided sense of economy. The cold walk from my house to campus had been refreshing, but the Indiana winter, although much milder than what I am used to as a Quebecoise, had left me with rosy cheeks and a stuffy nose.  So I reached for a tissue and did what I to be done so I could breath normally again. Now did I simply toss the dirty tissue in the trash and went to work? No, I did not. Instead, I made my way to the nearest trash can, a short walk away from my office at the end of the hallway, undoubtedly spreading my germs around as I proceeded.

Indeed, a few years back, the University declared  “trash cans out, recycling bins in” and  removed all under desks trash cans.  Our old office bins were thus replaced by new two-compartment recycling bins, and the bottom line was: trash would not be collected from our offices anymore.

Of course, getting rid of trash cans did not make trash disappear. Trash is still generated at the same rate as before, it’s just not being disposed of as effectively as before. Office occupants are now in change of this necessary task themselves, and of course some do a better job than others. But as the University puts it: “that way, we can add (recycling) services without increasing staff or hours.”

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