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A (free) Food List in PDF Format

April 22, 2014

Dear PKUers,

I want to share with you this food list, which my graduate student Jieun and I just published. It combines all the foods in the USDA Database, along with another (Danish) database. The focus of our food list is the Phe:protein ratio of the food, but it also lists the mg Phe per gram food (first column). Feel free to print it if you like. However, I find it easier to just search through the pdf on my computer.

Link to (free) Food List in PDF Format by Kim and Boutin


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  1. Anna permalink

    Please forgive me, but extremely new to this. Please explain how I am supposed to use this incredible list you have complied.

  2. Anna,
    This food list is for people who are controlling their Phenylalanine (Phe) intake, for example people with PKU.

    Table 1 lists foods that have no Phe. These are the “free” foods that individuals with PKU can eat in unlimited amounts.

    Table 2 -7 list foods that have some Phe in them, and so individuals with PKU need to eat them in measured quantity.

    The first column of these tables lists the mg Phe per gram of food. So if the number for the food is 0.14, and you eat 100 grams, then the food you just ate contains 0.14×100=14mg Phe.

    The third column lists the Phe:protein ratio. In my next post, I give an example of how to use these ratios to estimate the Phe of a food.

    I hope that helps! Cheers, Mimi

    • Anna permalink

      So glad you went through that a little bit better. I had understood completely this was for PKU persons I simply didn’t quite understand how to interpret this. VERY new to all this so I appreciate your patience and the examples are what helps.

    • Anna permalink

      p.s. what had me confused specifically was that in Table 1 it says Baby Foods, juice treats, etc. Just don’t understand how Baby Food is PHE free. Again, am very new to understanding these numbers.

  3. Anna, I think they mean something like this snack, which is made with a bit of fruit juice. There is probably so little fruit in it that they did not measure any protein in it.

    Please feel free to ask more questions. We were all new to this at some point, so I understand totally!

    • Anna permalink

      Thanks and Yes, as time goes on I will need to understand even MORE!!! Please know I appreciate the time you are taking.

  4. You’re welcome Anna!

  5. Thank you for the list! I’m helping my niece get back on her PKU diet and this list will be VERY helpful to us!

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