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Proposing a new concept in online learning: “slectures”

April 28, 2014

Last Spring, I proposed the concept of “slecture” as a new way for students to learn by teaching.

What’s a slecture? Simply put, a slecture is an online lecture made by students.

More specifically, the idea is to have one or more students give a second hand account of a lecture or a course they took, using text, videos, pictures, or whatever other online medium they see fit. They do so with the approval of the instructor, sometimes even with full access to the instructor’s teaching material, including lecture videos. However, the instructor does not have to review the accuracy of the material after it is produced and the students bare the blame for any inaccuracy it might contain.  Students even have the freedom to enhance the course content with their own explanations and comments, using other references if needed.

The plan was to make all slectures freely available on the  Project Rhea website. After working on this for close to a year, we now have a few nice examples to showcase on the website. Take a peek and let us know what you think!

Link to slecture page on Project Rhea.

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