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Estimating the Phenylalanine (Phe) content of “Sixlets” (using Phe:protein ratios)

May 21, 2014

I was recently asked to estimate how much Phe is in one serving (10 pieces) of Sixlets. Here is what I did.

1) I found the Nutrition Fact Label and ingredients lists (…/candy/p/8966903792)

2) I noted that the Nutrition Fact Label states that there is zero gram of protein. Due to rounding, this actually means that there is no more than 0.5g of protein per serving.

3) I looked at the ingredient list and noted all ingredients that contain protein. I then looked up the mg Phe per g protein ratio of each of these ingredients in this (free) food list I mentioned in my previous post.

I found that
1 g protein from whey contains 32mg Phe
1 g protein from cocoa contains 34mg Phe
1 g protein from carob contains 33mg Pge
1 g protein from cornstarch contains 50mg Phe

4) Since cornstarch has the highest phe:protein ratio at 50mg, then one serving of Sixlets contains no more than 0.5 x 50= 25 mg Phe. However, corn starch is ingredient #8, so there is probably a very small amount of cornstarch. Furthermore, cornstarch contains a very small amount of protein. So we can neglect the cornstarch and assume that all Phe comes from the next highest Phe:protein ratio (cocoa at 34mg).  Thus we get that one serving of Sixlets contains no more than 0.5 x 34= 17 mg Phe.

Final Answer: no more than 17mg Phe per serving.

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