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Quick Fact Sheet for Phe from protein estimation

March 20, 2015

For those of you who don’t feel like doing the math every time, here is a small table that gives the minimum and maximum Phe for various protein contents (rounded to the nearest gram). There are two columns: the first one is for any food that does not contain aspartame. The second one (last one on the right) is for foods made of fruits only (or fruits plus Phe-free ingredients).  As you can see, if the Nutrition Fact Label states that the food contain 0g protein, then the food could contain as much as 32mg Phe in general (assuming no aspartame).  But if the ingredient lists contains only fruits plus Phe-free things like sugar, color, oil, etc., then the maximum Phe when there is 0g protein is only 19.5mg Phe.


The background for this Fact Sheet is in this document.

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