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An easy way to increase your protein intake without changing your Phe intake

July 25, 2018

Suppose Mary and Jane both eat 100mg of Phe for lunch. Mary eats only fruits, while Jane eats a combination of vegetables and low-protein noodles. Which of the two has consumed more protein?

This answer is: Mary.

This is because the ratio of phenylalanine to protein tends to be much lower in fruits than in vegetables or other types of food (including foods made of starches). Specifically, the Phe:protein ratio for fruits varies between 20 and 39mg/g.

To put these numbers in perspective, consider that foods in general have an average Phe:protein ratio of about 42mg/g, and that for certain foods (e.g. egg white), the ratio could be as high as 65.

Therefore, one could easily double their protein intake without changing their Phe intake by following a fruit diet. Now this may be a bit extreme, and I am not sure how one’s stomach would feel eating fruits and formula at every meal. But that’s one more reason to try to prioritize eating fruit.


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