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Why I love German Chocolate

July 26, 2018

Coming back from a trip to Germany, I got this awesome vegan chocolate with only 0.6g of protein per serving.

Here is the great thing about German chocolate: not only does the package list the protein content with a precision of 0.1g, but it also lists the nutrition fact for 100g of chocolate. One hundred grams of chocolates is five servings, and knowing the protein content for a larger amount of chocolate helps decrease the uncertainty of the phenylalanine estimate (Phe).

Let’s do the math and you will see.

We have a 2.9g of protein for 100 g of chocolate.

One serving of chocolate is 20g, so there are 5 servings per 100 g of chocolate.

Since the protein content is rounded to the nearest 0.1g, the maximum protein content for 100g of chocolate is 2.95g, and therefore the maximum protein content for one serving of chocolate is 2.95/5=0.59g. (We just gained an extra digit!)

Similarly, the minimum protein content for 100g of chocolate is 2.85g, and therefore the minimum protein content for one serving of chocolate is 2.85/5=0.57g. (Again, we gained an extra digit!)

I am too lazy to look up the ingredients here, so I am just going to use the 20-65 multiplier rule:

  • the minimum Phe content is 0.57 x20=11.4mg
  • the maximum Phe content is 0.59 x65=38.35mg.

Picking the mid-point between these two numbers (and rounding up), my estimate is:

25mg Phe.

The maximum error of that estimate is 13.5mg (the difference between the estimate and the min/man). Good enough for me!




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